Strategic Partnerships: A Two-Way Street

CH Consulting Group works within all industry verticals and all types of businesses including; business outsourcers, technology companies, consulting firms, and contact/call centers. Even if is our own competitors! (Most recently we published several of our competitors in our Leadership Survival Guide.) Surprisingly, not many other companies will cooperate with their own competitors. I believe that this is because CHCG sees the value in building relationships and strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

This is evident in the following ways:

  • CHCG has experienced an overall 70–75% growth rate over the past 5 years
  • CHCG has an extensive network of referral partners
  • CHCG has an impressive 70% client return rate, meaning many of CHCG’s clients end up returning for help with other projects

If you know me at all you know that I believe in total cooperation. In fact, I appreciate any and all opportunities to work alongside or in cooperation with competing businesses. My competitors often question if I have an ulterior motive, but really it is all with the intention of doing good business. I have always had the belief that if you work hard and you do a really good job there is always plenty of opportunity out there. Your positive business model manifests other good business opportunities and allows you to grow in support of others growth.

Why? Because business is about relationships.

Often my team is flooded with lead generation requests from businesses across the globe. These businesses want to use our network to grow their opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, business is business and lead generation is one of the list of services that CH Consulting Group provides. However our approach is vastly different than your typical cold lead B2B broker.

We strive to KNOW your business, understand your methodology, and what makes your products or services outstanding. We do this in an effort to leverage only quality candidates in our network so that our clients don’t waste time or money on vendors that are not in sync with their business models.

We are in the business of building relationships, not collect business cards. Our contacts are trusted PARTNERS so we go the extra mile to nurture those relationships so that they are beneficial for both parties. We do this with integrity, authenticity, and attention.

Here are a few tips on building strategic relationships that can help you grow your network AND your business.

Before you begin — Know. Your. Goal.
Think big and work backwards to identify smaller obtainable steps.

  1. What are you trying to accomplish?

2. Be realistic in the the amount of people you can INVEST time into.

3. Identify the types of people that can help you reach your goal.

4. Gather background information so that you can confirm or eliminate candidates that are not a good fit.

5. Know what you have to offer. This is a TWO-WAY STREET, don’t show up empty handed.

6. Make the connection with intention and focus on making a good first impression.

Strategic partnerships are an integral part of doing business. Consider every time you are able to lend an ear, be a sounding board, offer advice, or help make an introduction, you are investing in your partner. The street runs both ways.

If you would like to include myself and CH Consulting Group as an invested strategic partner, please reach out and schedule a call today.